The courses and classes are listed below. Please read this information before you enter.
If you have any queries, please contact the Entry Secretary.

Enter now at Fabian4.
The closing date for entries is midnight on Sunday 29 September.

If you wish to run down ie run a course below your age class, please enter the Other option for that course. eg if you are an M40 and want to run course 3, please enter Course 3 Other, not MenSuperVeteran.

The Newcomers course is intended for runners who wish to try orienteering. The actual distance run on the course will be in the range 6-8km.

Families are welcome on both days and can enter course 6 or course 7. Entry on the Day will also be available for this course.

In accordance with British Orienteering Rules on road crossings, competitors under the age of 16 on the day of the race can only enter Course 6 or Course 7. They will not be permitted to enter any other courses.

Controls will be enabled for touch-free punching on both days. You can hire a normal ecard or a touch-free ecard in the entry process.

DEE and SELOC members who help will benefit from a reduced entry rate. Please contact your Event Organiser before entering.

Course           Class
1 Men Elite (M21+)
Men Junior (M18, M20)
2 Men Veteran (M40+)
Women Elite (W21+)
Women Junior (W18, W20)
Course 2 Other
3 Men SuperVeteran (M55+)
Women Veteran (W40+)
Course 3 Other
4 Men UltraVeteran (M65+)
Women SuperVeteran (W55+)
Course 4 Other
Newcomers (Men & Women 16+)
5 Men HyperVeteran (M75+)
Women UltraVeteran (W65+)
Women HyperVeteran (W75+)
Course 5 Other
6 Men Youth (M14, M16)
Women Youth (W14, W16)
Course 6 Other
7 Men up to 12 (M10, M12)
Women up to 12 (W10, W12)
Course 7 Other

Entry Fees

Saturday 5 October Sunday 6 October
Day 1 Day 2
Everton Brow Liverpool
Adults (M/W21+) £12 £14
Juniors & Full Time Students £6 £7
E card Hire Fee £1 £1
Touch free Ecard Hire Fee £3.54 £3.54